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Besides the randomly selected testimonials that you can find on our site, there are several ways we can attest to the quality of our work. The following points illustrate how our services are adjusted to the most demanding translation requirements.


Our clients include some of the biggest multinational companies in the translation market, as well as smaller businesses, all of which need a reliable partner for their translation projects into European Portuguese. These companies have offices all over the world, so we often manage simultaneous projects that come to us from Europe, the United States and China.

TIPS has been recognised as the main provider of translation services into European Portuguese by some of the biggest translation companies in the world. Besides these, many companies from the manufacturing and services sectors rely mainly on TIPS for their translation needs into European Portuguese.

Multilingual projects

TIPS has played the role of Single Language Vendor (SLV) in complex multilingual projects, often involving over 20 languages and a team of more than 50 people worldwide.

Multilingual projects are a good example of how important language skills are, since linguistic quality falls entirely on the local teams. Furthermore, these projects are a challenge for management and production procedures, because they often require that specific working environments be set up, namely through the use of specialised translation and localisation tools. TIPS has always been one of the fastest and most efficient vendors in adopting these technologies. We are always keen on learning how to work with new tools and we strive to stay up-to-date with state of the art translation technologies.

Workload and deadlines

TIPS delivers over 5 million translated and revised words per year. Most of this content is translated by our in-house team, but we are also responsible for the revision of several projects translated by other professionals. Common regular projects involve the translation of more than 1 million words a year, which are meant to be regularly published on sites that have several thousand daily readers. These include websites for companies that operate in domains like consumer electronics, productivity software and the automotive industry.

Our capacity to handle increasing workloads has never meant sacrificing quality or turning down projects. We have continuously adjusted our resources to meet necessary requirements, and clients recognise our efforts by continuing to trust in our services.

TIPS always delivers its projects within the agreed deadlines. Naturally, some of these deadlines must be negotiated within reasonable terms, but this is evidence that clients trust us, as we establish open and honest relationships with all our partners.

High quality scores

Several of the projects we work on involve quality evaluations, associated with industry standard compliance rules. This means that our translations are subject to third-party reviews, which are carried out following strict quality scoring criteria. The standard classification awarded to our projects has consistently been "Pass", and “Exceeded expectations”.

The results TIPS has achieved over time prove that our guarantees are a commitment that involve our entire team.


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