/// Guarantees and compliance

TIPS delivers on its promises and we provide several guarantees to back that up.

Service level agreements – TIPS is ready to sign demanding Service Level Agreements, which stipulate workloads, levels of quality, and other details that must be maintained throughout the duration of a business agreement. TIPS has always been able to meet client requirements.

Non-disclosure agreements – Non-disclosure agreements ensure that everything we do is managed according to strict confidentiality procedures. This is an important assurance for clients who need to translate business-critical information. For us, this is a natural step since confidentiality in dealing with client information is an intrinsic part of our profession.

Partnership agreements – Companies sometimes have specific requirements, which must be maintained long-term. We have always been happy to sign partnership agreements, and we have always been able to comply with the established requirements.

Professional liability insurance – We have had a Professional Liability Insurance Policy since 2006, which covers any damages that might eventually result from our services. To date, the policy has never had to be used to address any client claim.

Quality reports - Our internal quality check procedures guarantee that any claims received are analysed and operational conclusions are reached. All claims are analysed with everyone involved and we write a quality report that is shared with the client. To date, no claim has ever been found to result from any negligence on our part, and most have been attributed to easily-resolved communication issues.

Standard compliance - Several of our clients are certified according to ISO and EN quality standards. This means that there are standard compliance procedures that we must meet, including the full documentation of performed tasks. Our working methods have always adapted easily to these demands, and clients have always been able to confirm that our procedures adhere to their requirements.

We have an open communication policy with our clients regarding quality. This means we are able to maintain our clients’ support because they recognise that we strive to eliminate any eventual causes for concern.


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