/// Vision, mission & objectives

Simply put, this is TIPS' identity and culture.


TIPS is a dynamic hub in an agile and flexible translation market, which assures that companies can communicate effectively by breaking language barriers.


TIPS' mission is to foster the growth of the translation industry in Portugal by offering high-quality services, managed in the most efficient way and supported by the best resources available.


  • Focus on translation as the core service offered
  • Focus on European Portuguese as the main target language offered
  • Maintain a high level of quality management for all projects
  • Build and maintain an in-house team focused on quality in language services
  • Upgrade translation technologies for everyone involved in the production chain
  • Train translators and managers in order to maintain the entire team up-to-date on the market's current needs
  • Manage all knowledge contained in translation projects so that no opportunity for learning is lost
  • Establish close ties with top translation schools in Portugal

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