/// Guide to the best rates

Translation is a good investment. Especially when you choose a company like TIPS, which works with the best methods, that lead not only to the best quality, but also to a reduction of costs.

We offer you the possibility to choose the services and rates that are most adequate to your needs. From very simple rates to detailed analyses of gains per type of word, there is plenty to choose from. And because we know you want to avoid spending precious time dealing with the intricacies and technicalities of our services, we offer several routes to a simplified quote:

A single rate for all words - simply calculate the total cost by applying our rate per word to the word count of the document, as presented by Microsoft Word.

No charge on repeated sentences - if you are certain that the meaning of a sentence that appears repeatedly in a document does not change according to context, we will not revise these repeated sentences, and therefore no charge will be applied to repetitions.

One discounted rate for edited sentences - we simplify the work of translation companies' Project and Account Managers by using a single rate level for all fuzzy matches.

Reduced costs - our 3 service levels for Translation into Portuguese follow a cost-conscious logic. Beginning with services that can be performed by one person only, our Professional translation service is an excellent choice, since we select the best translators for the project and perform a set of checks that guarantee high-quality output at a very competitive rate. At the other end, for more demanding projects, our higher levels of service represent good value for money, based on our reliability and productivity.

TIPS has adequate rates for different contexts of use, from short-term informative texts to high-value legal documents.


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