/// Different needs require different services

Companies and individuals require translation services in order to get their messages across the world, to people who speak different languages. Therefore, they need translation providers who apply the most effective working methods, leading not only to the best quality, but also to reduced costs.

After a careful analysis of the needs and uses of translation projects, we believe most of these projects fall within three main communication contexts:

Targeted communication

The translated text is to be read by only a few users, who are well informed of the communication context, and the texts will be outdated in the short term.

Examples: News updates and internal memos

Adequate level of service: Professional translation

Flexible communication

The translated text may be read by different users, with different levels of knowledge about the content. Within the same project, there are varying technical requirements, but translation must be consistent.

Examples: User manuals, technical specifications and marketing material

Adequate level of service: Team translation

Strategic communication

The translated text has an impact on sales, on people's lives or on a company's social/contractual relationships.

Examples: End User License Agreements, clinical trials and business contracts

Adequate level of service: Specialised translation

TIPS' translation projects have been effectively used in all these communication contexts. As such, building on the knowledge we have gained, we organised our services into 3 flexible levels of service for Translation into Portuguese, which are the most adequate response to these demands.


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