/// Beyond translation into Portuguese

This set of added-value services is a fundamental complement to our core offer of Translation into Portuguese. Again, it is up to you to choose what you need.

From Portuguese into... - We provide translation services from Portuguese into English, French, German and Spanish, with the help of native and highly experienced translators. The requirements of these services vary significantly, which is why we adjust each service to the needs of each project. The production process is analysed on a project by project basis, so we suggest you ask us for a specific quote.

Quality assurance services - This group of services includes what is commonly described as "Revision", "Review", "Proofreading" and sometimes "QA". These services may include sets of tasks using different software tools, post-DTP checking of translations, revision of different types of translations and texts, or a simple linguistic approval of projects with a complex technical rework. Although these tasks may be performed as part of our levels of service, they may also be offered as separate services. In these cases, we analyse the request and present an adequate proposal.

Post-editing machine-translated text - Machine Translation may produce fast translations, but it requires committed professionals to guarantee the quality of the texts delivered to clients. We see it as a good resource for translators to increase their productivity, especially when it comes to projects that allow for continuous improvement. TIPS has provided both post-editing of machine-translated texts as well as spot-checking of post-edited projects, having achieved great satisfaction from our clients.

Technical support services - TIPS has a long tradition of dealing efficiently with projects that require high levels of technical knowledge. TIPS has helped our clients in aligning and checking previously translated documents, cleaning and checking Translation memories, and building and maintaining terminology databases. We have also worked with technical teams in identifying bugs in software and web applications, in proofing linguistic content in web, video game and mobile phone projects, extracting text from PDFs, preparing files for translation tools, subtitling videos and several other specialised tasks. With these services, our Project Managers help technical teams at the fundamental stages of their work: project start and completion.

TIPS has extensive experience in all these services and the positive results we have achieved have allowed us to build a strong reputation of reliability.


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